New band: Klingra

Based on the album “Klingra”, which is the latest album from Afenginn, I’ve decided to start a new band that will focus on the musical expression and direction from that album. The band is also called Klingra. It means “circle” in faroese. The members are all musicians that I’ve worked with before in Afenginn and on the Klingra album.

I’ve been writing on this in the second half of 2020 and the music to the first album is now done. I’m very excited about getting this going!

Carl Prisen 2017!!

Two nominations to Carl Prisen 2017

A few days ago I received a phone call from Carl Prisen 2017 letting me know that I am so lucky to be nominated for two awards. “Composer of the Year” in the Roots category and “Talent of the Year”. I feel very honoured by this recognition of my work! The award show is on April 24th – fingers crossed!

See all the nominees at:

Four Danish Music Awards!

This has been a crazy week for me. A week ago I attended the Danish Music Awards – Folk, where I was nominated as “Best Composer” and Afenginn’s OPUS as “Best release” – and received both awards!

Then a week later we were nominated in Danish Music Awards – World for OPUS again: “Composer of the Year”, “Live-act of the Year” and “Album of the Year”and received the two first ones. So two composer awards, best live act and best album for OPUS. I’m very honoured and proud!

Thanks a lot!

Arrangements on new Aske Jacoby album

The fabulous Aske Jacoby has a new album out! It is called Luna Plena Super Me and was released by Sony Music on April 16th this year. I had the big honor to write string and brass arrangements on a couple of tunes on the album and I’m really happy, impressed and a bit blown away by the whole album actually. It’s really really good and the productions is just amazing! Tony Scherr on bass, legendary Jim Keltner on drums and Aske Jacoby on guitar and vocals + guests here and there. It’s available on vinyl and CD here

Thumbs up, it’s worth every penny!

Composer’s grant from Danish Arts Foundation!

I have received a grant from the Danish Arts Foundation for continuous compositional work over the next year. I am very happy and grateful for this honor and will keep doing my best and working on new music. The road as a self-employed composer/musician is uncertain most of the time, and getting a grant really is a big help in the day to day financial struggle. Grateful, happy, inspired and proud!

OPUS is out!

I haven’t been updating this site for quite a while. The last 12 months or so has been pretty turbulent as I’ve been composing and producing the new Afenginn album. It is now finally ready and released. It’s called OPUS and really turned out great, if I may say that myself. The reviews so far has also been extremely positive. I’ve gathered a bunch of them here

The album is available on double-LP, double-CD and digital download. Get it here

Back from Tasmania

In January Afenginn toured in Australia for the second time. It was great to be back and we played at some amazing festivals and did a bunch of clubgigs in the weekdays…and did even have time for some relaxing days in the Blue Mountains. After ca 20 days of touring we hit Tasmania, where I unfortunately injured my leg, and was not allowed to fly for another 40 days. The rest of the tour got cancelled, along with shows in Denmark, Norway and Germany. Now both me and Afenginn is back on track and all is good. Still some smaller issues with the foot, but nothing serious.

During my stay in Tasmania I worked quite intensively on new music for Afenginn, which I am very excited about. We have started to touch these new babies and will have something new to show next year…

Composer of the year!

Yesterday I received the statue for “Best Composer” in the Danish Music Awards – World for my work with Afenginn. I am totally thrilled and honoured by this recognition!

The jury said: Sound-wise and melodiously, the music pulls in many directions, but at the same time the composer is deeply rooted in his own sound. The listener is therefore drawn into the composer’s unique universe. Artistically the composition is at an extremely high level and which marks the will to challenge the genre designations. A breath of fresh air on the Danish world music scene.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!