Afenginn: Klingra (2019)

The seventh full length studio album from Afenginn is out! It’s called Klingra (meaning circle in Faroese) and much of it was written up on the Faroe Islands and recorded up there with an amazing bunch of Faroese musicians: Teitur (piano, vocals)), Dánjal (piano, vocals), Ólavur Jákupsson (vocals), Mikael Blak (synth bass) as well as the Danish dream team of The Danish String Quartet on strings, Maggie Björklund (pedal steel guitar), Knut Finsrud and Ulrik Brohuus on drums, Jakob Johansen (trombone) and Niels Skovmand on violin. Mixed by August Wanngren. All in all a wonderful experience working with all these good people and I’m very proud and happy about the result.

Klingra has been getting very good reviews in international media:

“Full blown North-Atlantic masterpiece” GAFFA (DK)

“…It’s not rock, it’s not folk, it’s probably not classical. It simply is. It’s Afenginn music, and astonishingly good. […] A masterwork…” Rootsworld (UK)
“So exquisite is the music that it is almost painful to behold in its minimalistic glory. The fragility and contemplative feel leaves you thoughtful and almost overwhelmed by empathy, I have not heard anything quite like this in a very long while.” Progradar (UK)

“This is truly one of the stand out albums of the year. Perfection.” HigherPlainMusic (UK)

“Comes close to the moods that the Icelandic colleagues of Sigur Ros like to create…” Gaesteliste (DE)

You can get Klingra on vinyl or CD or digital at or listen on Spotify HERE